Baby Protective Helmet Boy Girls - Baby Helmet

Rs.999 Rs.1,999

Product details

  • High-quality cotton material - 100% cotton
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The best protection for the baby's head


High-quality cotton material - 100% cotton, very soft, ultra-light, sweat-absorbent, with excellent breathing ability, padded design, baby safety helmet is comfortable to wear, comfortable to wear, non-toxic, no BPA, no harmful to children.

Lightweight and breathable - our baby safety helmets provide the ideal protection for young children while crawling and playing. This is an ultra-light and cute safety baby helmet for walking.

The best protection for the baby's head - the head cushion can effectively protect the baby from the friction caused by collisions and falls during the collision. The bumper hood does provide anti-knocking, anti-friction, vibration reduction, cushioning, and prevents or reduces head injuries in infants.

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